Ault View Avenue

What’s better than a repeat client? One that you know almost as well as yourself! The owner of this home is a longtime friend who lets us do our design thang! She purchased this Mt. Lookout home knowing the bathrooms and kitchens had to be remodeled right away. She’s no stranger to color and was immediately on board with our proposal of blue-green, almost aqua kitchen cabinets. We were inspired by her love of the beach, her beloved collection of mismatched Anthropologie dishes, and most importantly, our mutual desire for the remodel to blend with the rest of the 100-year-old house. Bringing down a wall, and removing a bathtub & unneeded exterior door changed the rooms dramatically. We designed custom cabinetry, shelving, lighting, & wallpaper for a truly unique look—that I don’t think you’ll find anywhere else!